Lavenda Window Systems offer convincing proof of their superior quality, high grade and technically perfect frame profiles. Cut to specifications and joined by specialist window fabricators, guaranteeing that the most discerning demands is fulfilled. The exterior of the profiles structure is designed with a slight slope 45กใ to rapidly drain out water during heavy rain. This feature helps to keep your window frame clean.

Lavenda Window Systems will complement any building, be it the sleek lines of modern architecture, an old house under a preservation order, the family home or a large commercial building, be preserve a consistently new and beautiful look. The hardware systems, especially the handles, are elegantly designed in a European style. The window can be tightly closed better than any other windows system. The hardware itself has multi point lock mechanisms to ensure efficiency and safety.

Lavenda Window Systems fulfills all requirements. Using various type of Georgian bar, round and pointed arch windows can be produced. All desired shapes of casement, tilt and turn window can be assembled from suited profiles to create a harmonious overall impression.


Casement Window
Open outward to a full 90 degree so you can clean both sides from your home. They can be placed with other indoor items. Strong hardware holds window firm against wind gusts and high quality compression seals give you extra security and weather tight closure. They capture the breeze and provide excellent ventilation.


Sliding Window
Lavenda sliding systems are light weight and designed to look slim to eliminate bulky appearance. Mounted horizontally to slide past each other. Our slide on roller for a lifetime of easy opening. Excellent ventilation. Our 3 basic styles give you lots of choice about which part of the window you want to open. Sashes lift for cleaning. The overall structure including frame and sash of window is 107 millimeters wide. It is suitable for a window with small opening, making it look beautiful and slim. The maximum size for general sliding window is 3 meters wide and 1.5 meters high.


Top Hung or Awning Window
Wind out styles, hinged to open out and away from the sill. Dual locking. Awning windows can be set in rows or combined with other windows to create spectacular walls of light and glass.


Fixed Panel Window
Fixes panes of glass provide the maximum area or viewing and lighting, with the ultimate in strength and easy operation. Fixed panel window add drama, beauty and natural brightness to any interior. They have multi-hollow thermal, sound insulation chambers and easy cleaning from inside.