Lavenda Door Systems for exterior use provide a wide range of shapes and panel combinations. All doors offer the highest possible degree of security. An investment in Lavenda Door Systems is worthwhile because the profile systems are of high quality and durable for various environment conditions with low maintenance costs. The profile structure is reinforced and well supported by steel. It is also equipped with a multi point locking hardware system to ensure efficiency and safety, and resistance to robbery and burglary. The door threshold is designed to embed into the floor level of the house. There are several designs suitable for either old or newly constructed houses to ensure that there is no conflict between the outside and the inside of the house.


Sliding Door
Lavenda sliding door system can be designed to become external wall. There are a number of sliding systems designed to suit your needs. Also, the hardware system chosen by Lavenda is of superior quality and planned for security against burglary. The hardware with multi-point locking systems provided on the sliding door system for great secure. The roller systems are designed to smoothly and lightly slide through the track. The glass can be from 5mm up to 39 millimeters in thickness. Our fabricators can install laminated, tinted, mirrored or low-E glass. The Lavenda technical support team will promptly consult you and satisfy your needs. So you can fully enjoy the outlook to your garden, pool or entertainment area.


French Door
The French door and swing door have multi-point locking for great security and made to your size. Safety glass without transom for uninterrupted view, adjustable hinges, may open in or out and self closing options.