Designing Softwa

All the technical
and detail drawings are done using in-house computer software with complete connection deatls, it enables fast regeneration of plans and subsequently generation of trusses layout, our company uses the CAD-like software developed by chartered engineers in Australia whom has more than 20 years experience in the roof truss industry in both Australia & Malaysia. Beside generating truss detail, the software also provide analysis report with 5 load combination check. In order to conform to design requirement in British standard as well. Our in-house engineer will cross checking the design with manual calculation.

Design, Conformances & Quality Standard

With stringent control over the quality of its products, Lavenda Building Systems produces products that meet various standards, and they include the following :-

* The Building Code of Australia
* Dead, Live and Wind Load, AS 1170 : Part 1 & 2
* Cold Formed Steel Structure Code, AS 4600-1996
* Steel Sheet and Strip, AS 1397
* Steel Design Code, AS 4100
* Timber Structures Code, AS 1720
* Simple & Continuos Construction Code, BS5959 Part 1
* Cold Form Thin Gauge Section Code, BS5950 Part 5
* Dead and Superimposed Load Code, BS6399 Part 1

The chartered Engineers from Australia will continue to keep vigil on the quality of our products and designs. Together with our local professional resident engineer, they will collaboratively check and help preserve the high quality expectations of our company.

The company does not stop at design and manufacturing of steel trusses for our clients, but in addition we conduct site supervision, from time to time, to ensure that projects are done according to specification and design. Once delivered and installed, Lavenda Building Systems Sdn Bhd's engineer inspects the installation of trusses and battens to ensure flawlessness before the project is handed-over. These checks are done based on a standardized "Inspection Checklist" and it encompasses all areas of installation, including quality of installation.

Ever since the birth of our business, it has gone through numerous Accreditation Training programs. These training programs are conducted quarterly and it includes topics that are both theoretical and practical, which includes hands-on fabrication and erection.

It is our hope that in the years to come, the quality of installation will be heightened with the continued assistance and support given by companies in the industry, consistently providing training and educational opportunities to installers.

Nothing is more important than using the best material for our products, and because of this quality policy, Lavenda Building Systems Sdn Bhd's uses truss components that meets International standards for its manufacturing purposes. All our components meet the standards as required in AS 1397 or JIS G3302, and we recommend materials such as zinc/aluminium alloy or zinc coated steel.

Components are all made of high tensile steel, with minimum yield strength is 550 Mpa, certified as non-combustable by BOMBA. It has Kelas 'O' in accordance to AS 1530 : Part 1 & 2 as well as BS 476 : Part 6 & 7.