Benefit of LightWeight Truss

Computerised Design
* Cad-like In-house computer software that generate truss analysis in single * software
* Fast & Flexible and infomative
* All member are engineered design with 5 load combination check

* Will not warp, crack, sag
* High Tensile G550 steel is 30% stronger than mild steel
* Strength to weight ratio is greater than other building material

Quality Assurance
* All components are zinc/aluminium alloy or zinc coated
* Tensile Strenght is governed by mill certificate
* Fabrication & erection done by skilled worker
* Precision manufacturing process

* Up to 10 years manufacturers warranty on raw material
* Zinc acts as sacrificial anode to protect the
* scratches by sacrify itself
* Meet standard of AS1397 or JIS G3302
* All Component are Zinc Coated

* Easily handle, thus speed up installation
* Cost saving on cranage
* Low foundation cost
* Flexibility on handling

Termite Resistant
* No worry about chemical treatment
* Steel is not attractive to termite
* Huge saving on maintenance cost

* Materials delivered are ready to fix
* No waiting time wasted during concrete casting,
* bar bending and formwork
* Easy installation of other fittings

Environmental Friendly
* No waste
* All cutoff waste is recycled

Lavenda Advantages

One stop Centre
* NOT just system provider
* We are also manufacturing, installer training, installing, & inspecting

Design Flexibility
* Back to Back web to chord fixing-Less hassle and faster fabrication work
* Flexibility of system by simply box-up the section for bigger overhang or
* span

Dedicated Designer
* Designs and consultancy handled by people who has been working in this
* industry
* Experienced with reputable project references
* Technical support-meeting with consultant engineer

Quality Assurance
* Installer Tranning Programme conducted every quarterly
* Site Inspection by Engineer upon completion of Truss
* 10 years Warranty